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5 ways to understand this is the right home for you

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

You don’t want to mess around on a decision as big as the place you’re going to call home. When you buy a house in Istanbul, you’re making a long-term commitment to that house and everything that comes along with owning a home.

How do you know when you’ve found a place that’s commitment-worthy?

1. When searching for your ideal home, the location is going to be your most crucial factor. One of the reasons location is so vital is that you want your home’s value to grow over time. Even a great home might not appreciate as well in a less ideal area. Finding the right location for your needs will likely make you much happier in the long run.

Learning from the experts, I recommend to make a “non-negotiable must-haves,” such as being in a good school district, being near work or having a certain number of bedrooms.

Then I try to match up your needs and wants with your budget and what’s available in the current market.

When creating your own list of needs and wants, consider your lifestyle. Do you need a house with a lot of yard space? Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen? You might not get everything you want, but having a list will help point you and your agent in the right direction.

2. Narrow your search to true contenders. Save your time.

3. Consider Old vs. New

Do you see yourself in a beautiful older home or a more modern, chic abode? There are pros and cons to each, depending on what you’re looking for and your lifestyle.

You’re likely going to have to funnel more money into maintenance and renovation with an older home, which may have outdated and inefficient heating, cooling and plumbing systems.

Newer homes tend to require less work, stress and money to get them into shape. This is not only true right when you move in, but likely in the years to follow as well, as more recently built homes generally require less maintenance and fewer repairs. New homes are also more likely to come with updated technology built in, such as alarm systems, cable or smart thermostats.

4. Be realistic. For people who are new to the housing market or have smaller budgets, a starter home may be a more realistic and advantageous choice. Starter homes aren’t great if you need a lot of space, as they’re often fairly small, but they tend to be more budget-friendly. You also won’t need to spend as much money filling it up with furnishings, and you’ll likely have smaller utility bills when compared to larger homes.

5. Take your time. But not too much time.

It can be a delicate balance between taking the time to make sure a house is right for you and making sure you get to it before someone else does.

Look at all the houses that align with your budget, needs and wants. Weigh both the practical and emotional factors. Think about the pros and cons of the houses you’re considering but consult your gut as well. Sometimes, when it’s the right house, you just know. While it’s time sensitive, you don’t want to rush this process too much, as this is one of the bigger financial decisions you’ll make in your life. But once you know what you want and completed your research, don’t drag your feet.

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